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The Tree News

An ongoing series of information on tree pests, diseases, etc, from Log and Leaf Tree Service and multiple sources...

The Best Tree Service Ever

Why you shouldn't allow tree services to bring heavy equipment on driveways.

Let me start by saying this is going to make a lot of tree company's mad at me...BUT the truth is HEAVY equipment damages your property.


Pests and Disease by Tree Species

To make it easier for you to spot tree pests and diseases we have outlined below which host species is the main target for each of our 21 priorities. Also included are leaf images to help you know you have the right tree.


Hypoxylon canker of shade trees

Hypoxylon canker of shade trees is a weak ascomycete fungus that negatively affects growth and can eventually lead to the death of already dying or diseased host trees


Tiny pine beetles a giant scourge on Alabama's timber industry

The Southern pine beetle is incredibly destructive. Steve Arnold/Advertiser


Lichens: A Sign of Poor Tree Health

Lichens often take the brunt of angry homeowners wondering what causes frilly blue-green growths on a tree trunk. These growths do not cause harm to trees, but are a sign of poor tree health.


Can scientists learn to make 'nature forecasts' just as we forecast the weather?

Ecologists have long sought to understand the natural world, but only recently have they begun to think systematically about forecasting. MICHAEL DIETZE introduces us to the new scientific field of ecological forecasting.

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