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Serving the greater Birmingham and Tuscaloosa area since 2005!!!

Hello my name is Jeremy McCollum and I'm the owner of Log and Leaf Tree Service. I started this business in 2005 inspired by my father Lloyd McCollum who passed away in 1995 and operated as Lloyd McCollum Tree Service . I started this journey as a 17 year old with $500 to my name and through hard work and dedication we have built this company to levels I could have only dreamed of in the beginning.  

We are currently the 2013-2019 Best of Birmingham Award Winners and now member of the Birmingham Business Hall of Fame. My belief is my customers are more than just check writers, but friends that know each other on a first name basis.

2014-2018 Best Tree Service in Birmingham
Best tree service in Birmingham 2018

2018-2023 Best Tree Service in Birmingham

2018 and 2019 Best Tree Service in Birmingham. The laid back but professional experience that we provide keeps our customers comfortable and proud to be called a part of the Log and Leaf Family. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Best tree service in Birmingham 2018

2018 American Excellence Award in Client Solutions

2018 American Excellence Award in Client Solutions from US Institute of Trade & Commerce. The do unto others as you would have them do unto you approach always beats any strategy taught. We look at every job as if we're the customer. By doing this you always treat everyone fairly and answer honestly. Simple but effective that's why we are the best and no other tree service comes close to our perfect ratings. Take care of those who take care of you and both of you always win! 

Being a Dad, Husband, and Business Owner

As a family man and father of the most awesome 3 kids in the world, I also understand family's have to stay within their budget to survive. As we know tree removal is a dangerous and expensive job, I try my very best to hear you concerns and find a price point that works for both of our benefits. I can't promise you I'll always be the cheapest price, but with saying that I'm definitely not the most expensive.

Family man/Tree man
The lady and I Tree man/Tree Woman not

Safety first!!!

I'm not a risk taker I believe that all accidents are avoidable on the job when proper techniques are applied and you take your time. This is why we have never had an insurance claim and I believe that's one of the things that make us the best. We believe in quality over quantity and our customers trust and respect us for that. I'm always excited to meet a new customer so give me a call 205-994-4961 or click here to get a free estimate.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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